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Bold Lipsticks Dark Skin - NYX Liquid Suede Cream Vault

Updated: Dec 28, 2017

When I was growing up I heard a lot of things about my skin colour, people loved to give an opinion about what would look good on me and what wouldn't as a dark skin girl. But even though I often heard them saying how bright colors just clashed with my skin I've always been attracted to bright colors. I would wear colored box braids, or clothes with flowery patterns, red blazers, bright pink shoes just to name a few of my favorites. I just loved seeing the contrast between my darkskin and that bright color, it just worked! Nowadays I still love bright colors but I am more attracted to neutrals as a clothing option, make-up is an whole other story. I rarely use the same lipstick two days in a row, I love that I can change from natural to sophisticated or flirty with a simply change of lipstick. I have a good collection of lipsticks already but there are some colors that I have always been curions about but never dared to try , but with the holiday season came an opportunity to buy all of the lipsticks I have been wanting to have at the same time. NYX has made special liquid lipsticks vaults for the holidays as the perfect present to someone, and I decided to offer it to myself (ah!).

I've chosen the liquid cream suede vault that comes with 30 lipsticks in several shades. It has a creamy texture when applied but dries to a matte finish. I've tested them for some days and they last for a long time , but I noticed that some colors last more than others. I must confess that I won't be using some of the colors because they don't look good on me, even with a lipliner but I am satisfied with the product because I got the shades I wanted. I've included some my favorite colors from the vault below.

1. Put it on 2.Subversive Socialite 3.Jet- Set 4. Amethyst

1.Crushed 2.Cherry Skyes 3.Kitten Heels 4.Orange County

1.Club Hopper 2. Downtown Beauty 3. Brooklyn Thorn 4.Disorder

1.Stone Fox 2.Alien

What do you think would you buy it?


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