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#DiscoveringParis - Top 5 Favorite Parisian Spots

Can you believe that it's already September? Even though the Summer heat was suffocating, to say the least, I greatly enjoyed the long days. Here in Paris people stay out drinking at the bars or have picnics by the Seine till the sun sets at 10 pm . It's a beautiful sight, all of those people together just talking, laughing, reading, kissing or drinking... basically living!

Being in Paris makes me feel so alive and free there is just something about this city that invites you to liv and to enjoy the environment around you. And I feel this not just because of the beautiful sights but also thanks to the amazing diversity of people that you have here.

I've decided to make a list of the places I most enjoyed going to this Summer, places were you get the most amazing vibe:

5 - Point Ephemere Rooftop

Source: Le carnet des bars/Private Teaser

This rooftop bar is located in front of the St. Martin canal on the 10th Arrondissement (district) in Paris. What I enjoyed about it was the laid back environment and the deceivingly sweet tasting punch that left me and my friend tipsy after only one glass. I really enjoy drinking alcoholic drinks that don't taste like alcohol. The staff is super friendly and the space is very cute and simple. It allowed me to do what I love the most, lounge in the sun drinking a cocktail!

The entrance to the rooftop is a little bit confusing though, there is a front entrance that is directly in front of the canal and a second one that is around the building. Best to ask one of the employees were the rooftop is.

The only con I saw was the bathroom, other than that great spot!

4 - Brasserie Polpo

I absolutely loved this Brasserie, it is located in front of the Seine in the outskirts of Paris in what the French call "banlieue chic" (chic suburbs). The decoration is gorgeous, everything was very well thought, from the cozy reception area to the wooden chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. I don't know if you are like me but I get as excited about the food in a restaurant as by the decoration, I feel like the food tastes better if you have a nice environment to go with it (I am a little bit extra sometimes lol).

This is definitely a must see and taste, if you visit Paris.

3 - Quai de Seine - Cours de danse

Source: Folk en Seine /Paris Friendly/Sorb-on

Just thinking about this place brings a smile to my mouth! Just image a place full of happy people, good energy, amazing atmosphere and music for (almost) all tastes and you will get an idea of how magical this place is. It is located by the river Seine on the 5th Arrondissement (district) of Paris close to the Notre Dame Cathedral. You have several spaces shaped like a half moon and in each one of these spaces you have a different dance course happening: Kizomba, Bachatta, Salsa, Tango, etc. I must confess that I am not a fan of most of the kizomba courses that I see here in Paris because they are very different from the kizomba that I grew up watching and dancing. But in here I found a bit of home, I literally found people that dance just like we do and it made me so happy. If you love dancing this is the right place for you to go to.

2 - Rosa Bonheur

Source:@fmeisel2018/ officedetourismeparis/

The Rosa Bonheur is located on the 7th Arrondissement of Paris, close to the Eiffel Tower. I love it first and foremost because they play 80's music and I love 80's music, the environment is very relaxed and when it's too full inside the péniche (boat) you can always buy your bottle of wine and go sit down by the seine with your friends (which is pretty much what I did the whole summer :)).

Close to it there are a lot of bars and spaces where you can sit down and enjoy the view, the area around the Rosa Bonheur is pretty busy, so you can always move around the bars if you feel like it.

1. Kong Paris

I already have a post about the Kong but I had to include it on this list because I absolutely LOVE this place, it is more chic than the others, and it has a dress code. I like it because I love dressing up (lol), and also because I like the service there and the food. You get exactly what you pay for, a quality service! It is located on the 1st Arrondissement (district) close to the Louvre.

If you go there be prepared to spend!

What about you have you've ever been to Paris? What are your favorite places?

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