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#DiscoveringParis: Umbrella Sky Projet

In Paris there are these passageways that are like mini malls, were you can find different kinds of stores, restaurants, tea rooms and even theaters. Each one of these passageways has their own speciality, there is a detailed description of each passageway in this site:

I found this really cool exhibition in one of these passageways, the name is "Umbrella Sky Project" by a Portuguese artist named Patricia Cunha. She installed 800 multicolored parachutes in a passageway called Village Royal:

She has already exposed her work in countries all over the world and decided to do it in France too.

She says on her facebook page that her inspiration for this project was Mary Poppins and that she wanted to create something colorful that would make people smile.

This is of course also a marketing strategy aimed at attracting tourists and locals to Village Royal to promote their businesses. But it's really worth the trip and you get to take beautiful pictures too :).

So if you happen to come to Paris I advise you to try and see this beautiful installation, it will be available till the end of July 2019 .

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