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Finally Spring

Updated: Apr 15, 2018

Even though it's still very cold Spring is officially here, soon the days will become longer and warmer and we will put away our heavy coats and warm clothing.

I've decide to put together a look to mark this transition from winter to spring using a monochromatic look by Zara.

I really like seeing monochromatic looks, besides giving you a casual classy look they are also so easy to pull off. Basically you just have to use the same color on the top and on the bottom, it doesn't even need to be the same exact shade or the same material (ex: light grey and dark grey, denim and knitwear). Using different shades gives dimension to the look, it makes it more interesting. For this shoot I used the same color on the top and on the bottom, but the shoes the trench coat and the accessories gave it the dimension I wanted.


You can find this textured t-shirt and pants set on the store and online in 3 colors, green, black and brown the one I have (they describe it as brown on the site. I choose brown because it complements my skin tone better, which is something that is also very important when choosing your monochromatic look, choosing a color that looks good on you.

I decided to wear heels for this shoot and a trench coat but this look also looks great with sneakers and a faux leather jacket if you want to look more laid back.

Top and Bottom - Zara

Trench Coat - Stradivarius

Shoes - Asos

Bag - Aldo

#zara #aldo #springoutfit #ootd #monochromatic


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