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4 Easy Steps To Get Baby Soft Skin

Updated: Apr 15, 2018

Skin care is very important and it shouldn't be neglected, not only because it will prevent skin diseases but also because when you take an extra care with your skin it looks and feels good.

I've been using the same moisturizing cream for my face and body since I was little, Nivea dark blue bottle for very dry skin, I haven't changed it not because I had any special loyalty to it but because my skin is very special! Whenever I tried any other moisturizer, that wasn't doctor prescribed, I got allergies all over, I had very sensitive dry skin. So I never had any interest or curiosity in changing because Nivea worked for me. But with time, I don't know if it's due to getting older, my skin type changed, my face is still very sensitive, it was once dry but is now combination, and the rest of my body is "normal" dry lol. I haven't found yet a moisturizing cream that gives me the results I want for my face, my last experiences caused me allergies (sigh), but I started a new skin care routine for the rest of my body that is giving me the results I want.

So this is what i do to get extra soft skin:

- I use sunscreen - applying sunscreen to your exposed skin will help with skin redness, dry skin, and rough spots! This is the most important step because you need to protect your skin at all times.

- I exfoliate once a week - exfoliating helps your skin to get rid of all of the dead cells it accumulates, it makes your skin even and gradually fades dark spots, after exfoliating your skin gets soft and smooth. However it is not advised to exfoliate more than twice a week because it will cause you the problems you are trying to avoid, extra dry skin, worsening of acne, inflammation...

- I moisturize right after shower - instead of drying yourself completely it is better to apply your moisturizer when your skin is still slightly wet, this will help "trap the water in the surface layers of your skin".

- I use oil after my moisturizer - A sealant oil helps to lock in the moisture, which means that it will help in keeping your skin moisturized throughout the day.

I use Nivea as my moisturizing cream, a Palmer's coco exfoliator and coconut oil as a sealant.

Besides making my skin soft these products also leave it smelling good.

I just want to finish by saying that it is really important to visit a dermatologist if you have any kind of skin condition, I found out that I have combination skin through a dermatologist. The things that I suggest here work for me and I have sensitive skin. It is important to take the time to find things that work for you.

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