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Buy less, buy better: Summer pieces

I am on a journey to discover my style and as I learn more about myself and fashion a lot of things that I used to like just don’t make sense anymore. I am not willing to compromise like I used to by wearing uncomfortable materials, clothes that are too tight or too large or clothes that look great on a hanger but not on my body. I am building a wardrobe that reflects my current taste and personality. And as seasons change I realize that I am missing key pieces on my wardrobe, and have too many things that I don’t use that much, and others that I don’t actually like anymore. I am sure I am not the only one who feels like this, how many of us keep things in their closet to wear when we lose that extra weight; for a special occasion; when you find the right shoes/accessories to go with it…etc.

So, when I did my shopping for summer clothes this year I kept all of that in mind. Summer in Paris has peaks of extreme heat where you just want to wear as little as possible. So I decided to invest in linen pieces, loose shirts and flowy skirts.

This is a lyocell shirt from Mango and these Ralph Lauren shorts are in linen. I loved the shirt’s color (I am in a neutral colors obsession phase btw), and the fact that is oversized makes it so versatile, definitely one of my favorite pieces this summer.

This is a Weekend MaxMara cotton shirt and Mango linen pants

COS cotton t-shirt and JCrew satin skirt

Let me know what you think about the items I chose.




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