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Me, myself and my hair obsession

Updated: Nov 30, 2017

Hair is one of my greatest obsessions, I have always loved everything related to hair styling: dyeing, cutting, straightening, curling...etc!

Hair truly fascinates me because you can do so much to it, and when you change it you almost become a whole new person. Have you also noticed how certain hairstyles enhance an outfit while others completely ruin it? Or even your facial features, that is how fascinating hair is.

I've changed my hair a lot trough the years, I used to use chemicals to straighthen it but decided to start wearing it natural after coming to the conclusion that it wasn't growing past a certain length. But even after stopping chemical use I saw no real growth in my hair. I've done two big chops (shaved it all off), the first one was in 2006 when I decided to wear it natural and the second one was in 2016 when it became severely damaged due to lack of proper care. What I learned from these experiences was that in order to have a healthy hair and retain lenght you need to be patient and stick to a routine that works for you. It's a long and boring process but one that is worth it when you see the results. All my life I have changed from one hairstyle to another without properly caring for my hair in between styles, and I earnestly could not see what I was doing wrong when it started breaking. Now I am more aware of the mistakes I've made and I am taking the time to find out what works for me. Basically I've learned that you need to things to grow a healthy strong hair:

- Patience

- Persistence

Angola - 2014

Angola - 2015

Angola - 2015

Angola - 2016

Paris - 2017

What about you, what are your struggles with your hair? Have you found a routine that works for you? Please share.

xoxo Elize


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