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Natural Hair - Straightening Without Causing Damage

I confess that since I cut my hair in 2016 I haven't done anything but the occasional deep conditioning (put a mask in my hair and leave it for 30min under hot cap ) to keep it from drying up and breaking under my wig. As I mentioned on this post:

The best way to grow my hair is to manipulate it the less possible. Which means no box braids, senegalese twists, crochet braids , no weaves, or anything that pulls at my hair for a long period of time.

2016 - 2018

My hair has grown a lot since 2016, but with the shrinkage it's a little hard to tell, so I decided to have it straightened professionally. I went to a salon that I follow on instagram called Khalyseehair, because I've seen photos of their treatments and found the final result beautiful. I was not disappointed, the girls that work there are very friendly and professional, the one that took care of my hair, Patricia, explained the whole process to me so that I could understand what was going on.

She took the following steps:

- Washed my hair with a shampoo - the shampoo opens up the cuticles to help the treatment penetrate your hair.

- Put the Botox/ Keratin mask on my hair - This mask fills any broken or thin areas to make your hair appear fuller and lustrous.

- Wrapped plastic around my hair, to protect it from the heat.

- Then I went under the hair dryer for 30 min.

- After the dryer she put a spray on my hair to protect it from the heat.

- She blowdried my hair and then straightened it with a flat iron.

The final result was beautiful, my hair was smooth and silky.

But nowadays I prefer seeing my natural hair in an afro than all sleek, so next day I was already braiding it to get my afro back. I liked the treatment because it gave my hair a shiny healthy look. I will do it once a month till the end of this year to see the evolution.

The brand that was used on my hair is called Organic Gold.

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