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Products that make your foundation last longer

Updated: Jan 29, 2018

Having your foundation last the whole day is a real challenge, especially if you have combination skin like me. Having combination skin means that your skin is both dry and oily, and mine tends to get more oily than dry specially on the T-Zone, nose and forhead, the rest of the face is dry. I used to wear only pressed powder foundation without anything else, and by the end of the day my face was an oily mess. I didn't know anything about types of skin or about which products to use for my specific skin type, and why all of us can't just wear the same products. I watched youtube tutorials and my mind just blocked everything but the parts that actually interested me, I would watch them and think, I don't need all of that! Truth of the matter is that if you have combination skin like me, you will need a few products to make your make-up last and look good throghout the day. I found out that the most important thing to make your foundation last is discovering your skin type. It all starts with the right moisturizer for your skin , I use a mattifying moisturizer for combination skin, then I apply a primer to minimize my pores and lines and on top of it a translucide loose powder to increase the primer's effect , after that I apply the foundation. There are several types of foundations for several types of skin what works for me are the oil free foundations with hydratating ingredients or water based foundations. So to recap, what I do to make my foundation last longer is:

1. Put a moisturizer

2. Put a primer on top of the moisturizer to minimize pores and lines and smooth skin

3. Put a translucide powder that will enhance the primer's effect

4. Put an oil free foundation

I wear make up almost everyday so having it last is one of my biggest concerns, it might sound like a lot of work but if you just start including it in your routine you will soon be doing it without thinking twice about it. And the best part is that it actually works.

I am currently using Kat Von D's Lock it foundation and it is amazing, it has your skin looking flawless all day. It's a long lasting full coverage foundation with a matte finish, it is a little bit heavy but it works for me. I also use Porefessional primer and Agent Zero shine translucide powder from Benefit cosmetics.

These are just a few examples of products that work for my skin type, I tend to try different things to see what works best for me. I am now looking for more affordable products for my skin type.

Benefit Pore-fessional Translucid Powder

Lock-it Foundation - Kat Von D

Benefit Pore-fessional Primer

What about you? What tricks do you use to make your make up last longer?

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