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#SpringCrush: Two Tone Shoe

Updated: Apr 23, 2018

I love fashion so much that looking at well put together outfits is one of my favorite hobbies, and from time to time there are items that call my attention in such a way that I get literally obsessed with them, I get a crush (not joking). My most recent crush is the classic Chanel Slingback, a two tone suede shoe. Even though they have been around for 60 years, with some minor adjustments made, these shoes are timeless. They are beautiful and very practical with their low heel and comfortable fit, they reflect the overall essence of the brand. As it is well known Coco Chanel strived to make women's clothing simple and chic. She introduced these shoes to her collection in 1957 and her description of them was that they are "the height of elegance" , and that they are practical because"we dress in beige and black in the morning, we have lunch in beige and black and we go to cocktails in beige and black. (With these shoes)we are dressed from morning to evening".

Top left @cocobassey; Bottom left @linneafunks - Top right @simphonyofsilk; Bottom right @aylin_koenig

Karl Lagerfeld modernized this classic in Chanel's 2015 Autumn/ Winter Collection and now it can be seen everywhere worn by fashionistas/Bloggers/ Celebrities, etc.

Unfortunately for me I can't indulge in Chanel just yet, these shoes retail for 620€. But brands like Zara that create dupes of high fashion items make it possible for people that can't afford luxury items yet to indulge and still pay your bills (lol).

There are two models in Zara right now that resemble the Chanel Slingback, I chose the closed one because it complimented my feet better.

What do you think about these shoes? Do you like them?


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