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#SummerCrush: The Perfect Red Dress

After looking for it for some time I have finally found the perfect Summer dress! Besides being beautiful it's so comfortable and I really like the way it looks on me. I was in doubt between a white or a red dress, but ended up buying the red because I love the way this color looks against my skin.

This beauty is by Zara (of course). I really love Zara! Their clothes are so classy and well fitting, to me it's one of the most inexpensive brands that sells quality clothes.

Since I've bought this dress I feel like wearing it all the time, it looks good with high heels or flats and I usually pair it with gold accessories.

To me this is the perfect Summer dress because of its flowery pattern, because it is very lightweight and you can wear it both in casual situations or for a night out, you really have a lot of options with it.

This dress is from the Spring/Summer collection, I bought it on sales. But if you want something similar in the new collection please see below:

1) Zara Woman Collection, 39,95€ 2) Missguided, 37,50€


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