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The New "Normal"

8th Week of Confinement

Wow, I don’t think a lot of people saw themselves in this situation, but here we are.

There is a pandemic that is preventing us from living our normal lives.

In France, we can only go out in case of extreme need: to buy food, for one hour of daily exercise, to give support to someone in need, to walk a dog or to go to work in case you are one of the people whose job helps people have their basic needs met.

Despite all of the theories going around about why this is happening, some pretty crazy and others actually quite logic, I can’t help but think that this is the pause a lot of us needed. Our life is so rushed all the time, we are always in a hurry to get to the next place. Always too busy to pay attention to what we really need instead of what everyone else needs from us. Have you thought about that? I am well aware that there are people whose lives are more disrupted than others, notally couples or single mothers with children that need to work from home, or people that have lost their jobs. But once again isn’t this the chance to actually spend time with your loved ones? T|he time that we are always complaining that we don’t have? When will we have another opportunity like this?

Even though the confinement will soon end, this whole story is far from being over, and I think we should take this chance to really ask ourselves if the “normal” life we so want back is really worth going back to.




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