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The Power Of Make-Up

Updated: Jun 9, 2018

I've recently watched a video of a Youtuber name Shalom Blac, she is a burn victim and for many years has hidden herself behind make-up and wigs. In this video she tells a little bit of her story, how she got burned, the surgeries she has been through, and asks someone she likes and think is attractive to take off her make-up and her wig in the video! The result is a very emotional scene where you end up crying against your will. This video touched me very much because she has grown up feeling ugly because of the scars she has, and make-up/wigs have become her hideaway. As we all know, even though everywhere we are told to be ourselves to be natural usually when we try to do this we are diminished or made fun off. You can be yourself as long as you fit certain social rules.

Shalom receives a lot of positive feedback but also a lot of hate from people on her channel. She hears comments like, "that is why you should take them swimming on the first date". It's hard to hear stuff like that when you don't have any scars to hide, but just imagine after all the suffering that she went through having people put you down and making fun of you is the absolute worse. But fortunately she is a very strong woman and I am happy to see her succeed despite the negativity.

Here is the video if you are interested:

I confess that I like make-up a lot and using it as often as I do ends up creating a sort of discomfort when you need to face someone that has never seen you without it. I have no problem in going out without make-up, I've done it several times, but not when I know I will meet someone I know (not talking about friends or family). You get used to seeing yourself all "glamed" up all the time and forget that, that is not the real you. But it is a part of you, I don't think there is nothing wrong in wearing make-up but it is also important to remember that you are more than that.

Watching the video gave me the courage to expose myself in all of my natural glory (ahah)!

No fears, no regrets!

What about you, do you feel the need to wear make-up all the time? How do you feel without it?

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