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The Price of Following Your Dreams!

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

2018 was good! Not because I accomplished all of my goals or because things were easy, but because I grew as a person. I lost some fears, faced some harsh truths but most important of all I stayed true to myself. We often read a lot of motivational quotes about following your dreams and we automatically think that when we do it everything will be perfect and easily fall into place without much work! That is a fantasy... even when we are doing something that we love it takes hard work to get real results, the biggest difference between following your dreams and settling for a life "like everyone else" is that you get to do what YOU want, your building something for YOU, it's YOUR dream, YOUR project, YOUR plans! You are not just one more number in a sea of dissatisfied employees. I am not an entrepreneur yet, but everything I am doing right now is in accordance to what I want to do, and even if sometimes people don't understand exactly what I am doing or why I am doing it, I've told myself that this is not for "people" this is for me so that when I am old I can look back on all of it and say to myself, I lived the life that I wanted and every single decision I made was according to what I wanted to create for myself. So for this new year I am wishing for myself more experiences that will allow me to grow, a lot of patience and a lot of positive energy, the rest will come.

Happy New Year Everyone Wishing You a lot of Blessings

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