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Travel Diaries: Dubai

Updated: Dec 18, 2017

I went to Dubai and Abu Dhabi on short vacations in July 2016 and it was one of my best vacations till date, everything over there is so grand and opulent, it's a different world from the one I know and I found it fascinating. I took the picture above from Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world and till today I am awed by it. I'ts just an example of how they strive to be the best in everything and if you like to be pampered (and you have money to pay for the pampering), the UAE is definitely the place to go.

I stayed at the Hotel Sofitel Dubai Downtown, that is part of a french chain of luxury hotels and resorts. I chose this hotel because it is well located, it's close to Dubai Mall, and the Burj Khalifa. While I was there the hotel staff made me feel very welcome, they were always very helpful and warm, which made my stay so much better. The room I stayed in was very comfortable with an elegant decoration. Besides their comfortable rooms Sofitel has also restaurants for every taste, an infinity pool, a gym and a spa.


Sofitel Dubai Downtown - Bedroom

Sofitel Dubai Downtown - Bathroom

Sofitel Dubai Downtown - Pool

On my second day in the UAE I went to Abu Dhabi. I spent only one day there, but it was enough to see the main attractions the Sheikh Zayed Mosque and the Emirates Palace and also a little bit of the city. The Mosque is one of the prettiest construtions I have ever seen, it was built with such attention to detail that I can't help but be marveled at human beings creativity. I've also enjoyed the Emirates Palace, but even though it is as great and opulent as the Mosque, it didn't impress me as much.

Mosque Sheikh Zayed

The floor at Sheikh Zayed Mosque - we had to walk barefoot or with socks inside the Mosque

The entrance to the Mosque

The Emirates Palace

I've enjoyed a bit of Dubai's nightlife and found that it is a controlled environment, you can only enjoy some PDA while security is not watching, but while they are breaking you apart they kind of give you an apolegetic look which was funny. Different culture different rules, we just have to adapt.

The last place I visited was the desert. Before I travelled to Dubai I had visions of my feet touching the sand and it felt glorious, the reality was even better. I went to a safari that I must confess wasn't the most organized but I had fun regardless. I rode a camel, I saw a bellydancing performance, and I had a henna tattoo done.

Desert Safari

Henna Tatto

I didn't stay many days in Dubai but I really enjoyed it and I am sure I will go back.

What about you, have you been to Dubai? Did you enjoy it? What place did you enjoy the most?

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