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Trends A/W 20/21: My Selection

Even though I don’t follow trends, lately I have been paying more attention to them because sometimes I find pieces that correspond to my style and that I see myself wearing for a long time. And the truth is that I also like to see the creative way that fashion bloggers and influencers style these pieces.

With that in mind, I made a list of a few pieces that are trending right now and that we can find in most stores:

Combat Boots

This trend has been around for some time and it is inspired by the grunge style (think punk and rock in the 90’s).

The difference is that nowadays it is used to make a contrast between styles, you will see it worn with girly dresses or soft feminine looks to make it edgy.

Knit Vest

Inspired by the “grandpa” look this trend changed the way we look at knitted vests, there is nothing boring or safe about the way it is being worn by fashionistas around the world. The most common way to use it is with a button-down white shirt and pants are optional XD. It is another example of the different ways in which we can adapt a piece to our style.

Earth Tones

This trend was seen during Fashion Week A/W 20/21 this year and I must confess that it is without a doubt my favorite, earth tones look good without even trying, they are classic and chic.

Trends come and go, in the words of Yves Saint Laurent “Fashion fades, style is eternal”, so as I mentioned before, we need to consider a few things before jumping into trends, like:

- How does this fit into my style?

- Will I wear it for years to come? Or is it just a passing fancy?

Hope you liked my selection :)




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