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Waxnot: Effortlessly Pretty

I think that it’s really important to surround ourselves with ambitious people that want to create something and get off the everyday life routine. Being around people like this makes us want to be better ourselves and find a work that is meaningful to us, and it also makes us realize that we have choices in life that we don’t have to stay stuck doing something we hate for the rest of our life. They inspire us.

I met Jennifer when I worked at the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, I knew she wanted a change from the work at the airport but could never have guessed that she wanted to become an entrepreneur. Until one day she tells me that she is attending a course to create her own business and a few months later she launches Waxnot with her sister a brand that creates accessories in Wax fabric. Every single accessory is handmade by Jennifer and her sister Jenny, they get inspiration from things that already exist and give it a twist to make it their own.

Till today I am in awe of everything that they do, they face many challenges but keep on going after opportunities, they look for events where they can expose their work and they take their own pictures. It’s really amazing and I never get tired of saying how much I admire them. To me they are the true definition of girlbosses because I see the effort that they are doing to make their business successful!

They have recently created a turban that is very flexible and easy to wrap. If you are familiar with turbans you know that they are lifesavers when you are having a bad hair day, they are so practical and they come in different prints so you can combine them with everything. What Waxnot offers you are summer friendly turbans in wax fabric, much easier to wrap than the regular turbans because the material they have made it in is very flexible and lightweight.

If you enjoy cute accessories in wax I invite you to take a look at their creations:

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