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Welcome 2021

Last year I was able to identify the ways in which I was hurting myself without even realizing it due to certain habits that I had gained that were making me sick (eating habits). Thanks to the confinement, I was obligated to face issues that I’d always ignored because I always felt too tired or lazy to do anything about them. So, with the excuse of work gone, a lot of things that were bubbling underneath came to the surface. It was uncomfortable and painful but necessary, it was what I needed in order to reevaluate my life.

2020 was a difficult year for a lot of people but it was also the wake-up call that a lot of us needed. I finished the year feeling stronger than ever, because after going through such a trying year I had a choice to either give in under the stress and fear or to adapt and find healthy ways to cope, and I chose the latter.

And my hope is that people in general have also found healthy ways to deal with everything that happened last year.

So, after the trying year we’ve had, I want to wish us all a better 2021 and that the lessons that we learned in 2020 motivate us to do and be better.

Happy New Year




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