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#WinterCrush: Teddy Coat

One of this winter's big star coats is the oversized Teddy Coat in faux fur. It is everywhere and the first version that I saw was the MaxMara one, that is a re-launch from one they had made in the eighties. So what is so special about this coat and why is it everywhere? The best description that I read of it it's that it is a coat that can be worn both on a night out or in a more casual environment. It's very chic without being overtly pretentious and most important of all, it is very comfortable and warm! I can't guarantee that every brand that has recreated it has delivered on the warmth and comfortable side of the coat, but I am pretty satisfied with the one I bought from Zara that is now on sales.

I bought it not only because of it's coziness but also because I love the color! I am instantly attracted to warm colors (colors with a bit of yellow on them). At first I was a little bit intimidated by it being oversized, because there is always the fear of looking unflattering big, but I found that the charm of the coat is actually on the fact that it is oversized! It's like societies permission to leave your home on a cold day with a (very stylish) duvet.

Coat: Zara Boots: Parfois Bag: Aldo

And the best of it is that there are so many versions out there right now that most body types can wear it! But like french say "il faut l'assumer" you need to wear it without fear.

Would you wear one? If not what is the reason?

Gros bisous Elize

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